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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Weekly Weigh In

So, not in the 11's but that was predicted! Weigh in today was 12st 1lb, so I have 15lb to go, 1st 1lb! I ended up going over on my PP allowance, but not by nearly as much as usual! However, I've proved I can do it, it wasn't hard and I can carry on!

I've found this week, that planning the day before works incredibly well. No guess work and I leave a small amount of PP's to compensate for any slips! Even something as simple as measuring out a milk allowance helps! Fruit and salad are simple and really filling, plus the home made soups to grab out of the fridge, simples!

This week is my sister's wedding, so I need to keep my weekly PP's for Saturday! My aunt and cousin are coming over from Egypt this week for the wedding. Not seen Suzanne since my birthday a year ago and not seen Natalie since I visited in 2009! Really looking forward to catching up!

Right, off to plan some more soup ideas!

See you in the week!

Weeza xxx

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