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Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Well, as yesterday the scales were missing from the bathroom, I weighed in this morning and was horrified to see that I'd gained 1.75lbs! Three quarters of a kilo! I shouldn't have been that surprised as last week wasn't my best, no real exercise and drank loads of wine. No alcohol last night and was relatively good all day yesterday with eating. Didn't manage to get to walk the dog but managed 10 minutes of step on the patio. However, as I had all the leftover stuff in the fridge, including a WW quiche at lunch, I managed to go over my points by 2.5 points, redeemed 1.5 points with the step on the patio, so -1 point for the start of the week!

I've got an hour and a half of yoga/pilates tonight, so that will give me 4 bonus points and I need to stick with the plan for food, I should be on for banking 7 points, taking my bank to 6 points... I'm also going to start the "walking to running" plan from WeightWatchers tomorrow night, if I don't start it now, I'll drag it out for ages! Should then be able to run for 30 minutes by the beginning of June.

Anyway, enough for now, back soon! xx

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