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Monday, 6 April 2009

First blog on blogger....

Hi there, so, this is my first blogger post, I've been sporadically blogging on myspace, but this seems to be the way forward :) If you want to see previous posts (cos I can't import it for some reason) click here - http://www.myspace.com/weezas_blog.

So, the objective is to lose weight, hence the name of the blog, LOL. You'll see from the picture above, that I'm bigger than I should be! The photo was taken in Thailand, when I was on hols for Christmas/New Year. When I came back, I weighed over 14 stone (196lbs or 90ish kgs). I've managed to drop to 13st 10lbs since I came back mid January. My ideal weight is around 10 and half stone (147lbs or 67kgs), so I have quite a bit to shift; 3st 3lbs (45lbs or 20.5kgs). I'm looking to do it for the August bank holiday weekend (last weekend of August), which is a good steady weight loss.

I'm following the WeightWatchers Discover Plan, which uses a points system, at my current weight I have a 22 point allowance for the day. I had two crumpets for breakfast, with nothing on them, which are 2.5 points. Things like lettuce have zero points and things like a chicken breast grilled without skin on is also 2.5 points, but a Big Mac is 9.5 points, so you kind of get the picture. It's based around the calorie and saturated fat content, which gives it a points value. The idea is to spread the points around 3 main meals and 3 snacks a day, plus drinking plenty of water and getting your 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. There's also a milk target, to promote healthy bones etc. Also it's geared towards filling foods, so that you feel fuller quicker and for longer and I've got to say that it actually works! I've also found out that drinking a bottle of rose wine is around 9 points and it's not really a good idea to cut out/down foods, so that you can have a bottle of wine in the evening, so totally abstination is the only way forward. I stopped drinking last night and the open bottle of wine in the fridge will be used for cooking!

My last part of the weight loss plan is to get more exercise, this is an area which I really let myself down in. I find it hard to get motivated. As the sun's come out in the recent weeks and over the last week or so, it's started to warm up, I'm feeling a little more active and have been out walking the dog with my other half. Once a day, but it's 20-30 minutes a day. I'm also starting yoga this week, with my next door neighbour and my job role has changed from April 1st, so I'm now office based, therefore I can cycle to work (3 miles each way). Also, Weightwatchers have a walking to running plan, so that over the course of 8 weeks, you build up to being able to run comfortably for 30 minutes and this is something that I really want to achieve, running has always been my nemesis!! Think Forrest Gump with splints, you'll get the general picture!

Monday's are my weigh-in day, but I couldn't this morning, as my other half had used the scales to weigh a package and they were still in the garage. I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning instead! I'm not expecting to have lost any weight, due to being bad last week, mostly with the wine :(

I'll check back in tomorrow so I can log my weight.

Take care, Weeza xxx

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