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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Hoping that this blog actually posts.....

I tried to post earlier today, however, for some stupid reason, the 10 minutes that I was told that blogger would be down, turned into over an hour, so I gave up!!

Firstly, I got the haircut and am really pleased with it. Photo here doesn't really do it justice, but gone are the roots, the white hairs and the matted mass at the back of my head!!

I sneakily stood on the scales today, which isn't good mid-week, but I had to see if the really healthy eating, no wine and exercise was paying off. I sometimes feel that my clothes feel a little looser, but when I get on the scales, I'm the same or more. However, today I got on and found that I'd actually lost 2lbs! This is going by the scales in the bathroom and not the WiiFit. I've been told that the WiiFit scales are unreliable if you're using them on a carpet, which I am! So, 2lbs I'm happy with, but far from becoming complacent, I shall be trying even harder! No exercise for the last couple of days, I needed a bit of a rest! My legs are killing me from running and yoga!

I've also signed up for twitter as they kept going on about it on Radio 1, so I thought that I'd give it a go! I have 3 followers so far, one I know and the other 2 are completely random, I haven't a clue who they are!! If you want to follow me on twitter, then it's www.twitter.com/louisamaskell.

We had a little house guest last night, Arnold, an 11 month old Visler, who's a miniture Munkee but is like a coiled spring! There was a bit of a scuffle over a bone made of hide, but other than that, it was relatively peaceful, provided we restrained Arnold from pestering Munkee all of the time!! Picture of them in a more quiet moment about 6 months ago, Arnold's a bit bigger now, but still a lot smaller than Munkee!!

I'm off for now, take care all and see you soon xxx

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