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Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter... No eggs!

Evening all! Well, for those of you that know me on Facebook, you'll know that I didn't end up going away this weekend. Long story, but the short version is that as soon as we went to pull away with the caravan hitched to the back of the car, the dog started to freak out. Got to the Fleet services on the M3 and decided that if we went any further, that the dog would have a heart attack from panting so much and hyperventilating! I made the decision that we should unhitch the caravan and David should take Mungo back to the house and then come and get me! As he had to go up to the Hook turn off and then all the way back down the M3 to home and then back again after settling the dog, it took about an hour and a half to come to get me... Thursday wasn't the warmest day and I was sat in the doorway of the caravan, reading my book (Slumdog Millionaire - see the film before you read the book!) and looking like I'd set up camp. One caravan, no car!! Got some rather odd looks to say the least!

Anyway, we've kept ourselves busy over the weekend regardless, catching up on some long overdue jobs! Plus, it means that I can go to yoga tomorrow as we're not away! Also long overdue is getting the Wii Fit back up and running. I did step yesterday and today I've done running, step and yoga. I tried one of the muscle workouts and OMG!!! It was agony!

The weigh in happened this morning and according to the bathroom scales, I'm the same, according to the Wii Fit scales I'm 13st 2lb. As I'm going to be using the Wii Fit more than anything else, I'm going with this figure. There's a difference of 10lbs, but at my next doctor's appointment, I'll note the correct weight in kilos and convert into stones and pounds.

Pleased to say that I didn't eat any Easter eggs, mainly because I don't really like chocolate!! HAHA! We went shopping today and only healthy meats and veg went into the trolley, no rubbish or processed foods. We had a great Thai meal tonight, all freshly cooked, Turkey Fried Noodles (the noodles are simply tossed in with everything else at the end) and stir fried mixed veg in black bean. All cooked from scratch, other than the black bean, which is in a jar from Wing Yip...

So, I'm off work for the next couple of days still, so looking forward to walking and running plus yoga tomorrow. Also getting some baking done so I have some muffins for work. Oh, and I'm getting a new haircut on Wednesday morning, which I'm very excited about, something of a COMPLETE change! ;-)

Laters Weeza xxx

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