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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Always read the label....

Well, a quick post, as I had a particularly bad experience yesterday with the diet...

I'd done so really well all day, muffin for breakfast, healthy prawn sandwich from Tesco for lunch, a couple of Special K snacks and very little caffeine. However, when I got home, the other half had bought some ready to eat meatballs and I popped one in my mouth and they were delicious. In retrospect, I should have read the label first, and worked out the points value. I had about 6 in total.

This morning, I go online and log my evening's food consumption only to be horrified that just one meatball was 4 points! That's the same points value as the prawn sandwich I had for lunch! Eating 6 meant that I'd exceeded my total day's allowance by 2 points! So, I didn't bank anything yesterday and I'm minus 23.5 points for the week so far.

Going away today, so I'm going to make sure that I do plenty of exercise with the dog and try to bank the maximum 8 points a day (4 from eating under my points allowance & 4 from exercise) until Sunday to get back the points! Should give me 32 additional points, plus a bit of room to manouvre!

So signing off for now, if the mobile broadband works down on the south coast I'll update the blog again. See's ya all! xxx

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