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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thursday Week 4

Better today! Managed to prepare well and even though I bought Krispy Kremes and big baps for the office I was at today, I abstained!! I did slip on the way home and had a Maccy D's though! 22 points over on a Thursday, been less on a Thursday before, then blown it massively on the Friday, now it's really about the self control....!!!

Came home to some beautiful flowers from David! I've had some wine but much less than usual! I'm off to bed in a minute, as I've got another long drive tomorrow, will have racked up 1000 miles this week, because I didn't stay up north! So although I've been home every night, I've done much more mileage, so I won't be doing that again... :(

Right, nite all!!

Weeza xxx

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