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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Weigh In Week 5

The Sunday weigh in, fifth week starting of writing the blog each day! 11st 11.4lbs today, which is a loss of 2.7lbs this week, I'm happy with that! I'm not going to hit goal by the end of the year, but I should be 2st off over the course of 2012, and I should really congratulate myself on that achievement!!

This week could be a challenge though! I need to buckle down hard at the beginning of the week, as I'll be in Moscow from Wednesday night to Saturday lunchtime! I'm going to the works Christmas party there, so all the big pitfalls face me! Alcohol and food! I know I'm weak when it comes to booze, so I need a PMA to get through! I'll have a proper look at the Places and Routines that WW have introduced and will try to adopt them this week!! I also need to save my weekly allowance for the party on Friday night!! I think I'll pack WW snacks as well, so I can nibble on them instead of the Pringles and nuts that are always I'm mini bar fridges!! I'm also going to try something else this week, when I reach for a glass of wine, I'm going to have diet coke instead... That should save a hell of a lot of points!!!

Right, mind set, off I go!!!

Weeza xxx

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