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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Week 5

Today I did what I said I would, I drank diet coke every time I went to the fridge for wine!! It worked!! I only hope that I can keep it up!!

I've eaten tonnes today as well, black pudding, turkey slice and an omelette with mushrooms and spinach for breakfast, salad with 115g of king prawns for lunch and a chicken breast, sprouts, spinach and carrots for dinner. I had some fruit salad and half a pot of WW Greek yogurt for afters. I also had a pack of WW hula hoops, a WW chocolate bar and a Jaffa bar, plus my milk allowances and a Light Choices hot chocolate!!! Phew!!! I struggled to consume all 26 points! That's because there was ok alcohol involved! Hahahaha!!!

I'm all planned for tomorrow and lots of food there too!! I need to do the diet coke thing tomorrow night as well!! My stomach aches at the moment, probably due to a fruit and veg overload!! David stinks already, and the dog's had game in his food tonight, so heaven help anyone walking into our place tomorrow morning!!! ;)

I've been looking at where I'm staying this week in Moscow, for something to do on our 'free day' Thursday. We're in the Moscow World Trade Centre which has a mall, convenience store, pharmacy and a stack of restaurants in there! Hannah and I should be sorted!! There's also a river boat outside the hotel but I'd really like to see Gorky Park, depending on the freezing weather!!

Right, time for bed methinks, early start tomorrow for a day in the office!

Weeza xx

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